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Our Toddler Room is a bright and cheery place that just says "happy".  Interactive toys, books and comfy child-sized furniture welcome your child to come and discover.  The wall are covered with decorative murals and a sampling of our toddler's art projects.  Each child has his own "cubby" to house shoes, jackets and other necessities.

Toddlers are busy, active and curious little learners that love to explore the world around them.  So much energy, so much time to learn!  Our Toddler curriculum channles that energy through age appropriate activies, developing basic skills that set the foundation for future learning.  

Run! Jump! Climb! Swing! There is so much to do in the outdoor activity area! We have both a covered and uncovered outdoor area so your child can play outside rain or shine. In warm weather we even have a "splash party" complete with sprinklers and water toys. So much fun!
Every toddler like to use his busy little hand, some days we'll be painting, other days drawing, pasting paper or making a seasonal craft to take home to mom and dad.  We love to create with paper, glue and other craft goodies.

Song and music time gathers everyone together for interactive fun.  Clap! Hop! Twirl! Dance to the music!

Tasty snacks are provided throughout the day - lunch and prepared bottles come from home.
When it's time for a nap, each child can settle down, maybe with a book or special toy, and drift off to sleep on their own special cot. Soothing background music encourages happy dreams.

It's great to hear a story, sometimes just two or three and other times everyone gathers to hear the tales of Peter Rabbit, Winnie-the-Pooh or other childhood heroes. 

Each child will have plenty of one-on-one time with a caregiver, learning a new toy, reading a book or just cuddling.

At the end of the day, your child will be thrilled to tell you about the day's activities. We will share this accomplishments with you and give you details on his new skills and developments. You may even leave with a special art project or some photographs.

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