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As a parent one of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing a child care provider. We understand the importance of appropriate childcare experiences and the role they play in the success and development of your child. We understand that you want your child to spend their day in an environment as welcoming as your home and with people that will love and nurture your child as you would.   


*Center care areas are bright, cheerful and pleasant 
*Enclosed, secure outdoor area includes covered and uncovered play areas
*Separate rooms for Infants (8 weeks to 1 year old) and Toddlers (1 -2 years old)


*Staff members are warm, loving and caring individuals
*Many staff members are certified Child Development Associates (CDA)
*Small ratio of staff members to children (complies with The Pinellas County Licensing Board regulations) allowing individual attention   
*Our center services are enhanced by services from qualified volunteers    
*Staff members participate in on-going training and professional development
*All staff and volunteer caregivers have been approved through the Florida Department of Law 
Enforcement and FBI background checks


*Adult supervision at all times
*Locked entrance prevent unauthorized access to lobby area and building
*All dangerous products, medications and chemicals are kept out of the reach of children
*Staff members are First Aid and CPR certified
*Immediate access to medical information for each child; allergies /special needs are noted
*Each child's immunizations must be up to date
*Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are available and comply to regulations
*Current licenses and permits are posted

*Per regulation, proper hand-washing techniques followed by all caregivers
*Per regulation, sanitary diaper changing process followed by all caregivers
*Staff and volunteers wear "indoor slippers", not outdoor shoes inside
*In compliance with The Pinellas County Licensing Board, some childhood illnesses may require physicians written permission to return to the center
*All floors,toys,equipment and sleeping mats are sanitized daily
*Repairs and Maintanence kept up to date

*Curriculum planning revolves around the Infant and Toddler Environment Rating Scale assessment tool (provided by Coordinated Childcare)
*Teachers follow age-appropriate practices and guidelines
*Staff members encourage children to develop their skills individually and discover through their own ways
*Daily art/craft projects enhance creative skills 
*Daily group play activities enhance social skills and provide physical activity
*Activity areas encourage quiet, dramatic and creative play, construction activities and exploration
*Abundance of soft toys, educational toys and outdoor play equipment enhance gross and fine motor skills

*Daily verbal and written communication at child's arrival and departure
*On-going center activity notices given to parents
*Monthly newsletter for parents
*On-going center activity information available on "For Our Parents" page of website
*Emergency weather and evacuation plans provided


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      Kimberly Home Infant Care Center  1189 NE Cleveland Street Clearwater, FL  727-447-9283