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Transitional Housing

Safe & Loving Campus

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Nurturing Environment


Kimberly Village

Kimberly Village focuses on providing services that enhance a woman's level of independence, as well as emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Women who participate in our program are provided with mentoring on parenting, nutrition, and money management, as well as everyday life skills education. Our goal for each residential family is to help them obtain sustainable permanent housing. Residents agree to follow rules and regulations, attend classes and meetings, and complete any assigned curriculum. 


1. Verified Pregnancy by Medical Professional or Center

2. Age 18 years or older

3. Homeless or at risk

4. Verified income or ability to be employed

5. Must be able to pass a drug screen

6. Criminal Background check

7. Desire to gain independence and grow

To apply for housing, you must be a client at our pregnancy center. Please call us at (727) 443-0471 and set an appointment with a mentor. If you want additional information, please fill out the form below. 

Additional Information
Are you currently a client at the Kimberly Home Pregnancy Center?
Are you leaving an abusive relationship?

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